Virtasant Future Leaders in Technology Scholarship

In an effort to help bridge the gap between talent, opportunity, and access, Virtasant has announced its Leaders In Technology scholarship for those who desire to pursue a career in the tech industry. This scholarship will provide new opportunities for underrepresented youth and give them the chance to pursue their dreams and earn the education they deserve to help ensure their future success.

As technology continues to change how the global workforce works, there continues to be severe underrepresentation of Women, Black, Latino, or Indigenous professionals and even less self-identified as LGBTQA+ within the tech industry. 

Students eligible for the Future Leaders in Technology scholarship award must meet the following criteria: 

- Be a high school, college, or university student pursuing a degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or other material sciences

- Be a member of an underrepresented race or ethnicity, including:

- Black or African American

- Hispanic or Latinx - American Indian or Native American


- Women

- Have a current minimum (un-weighted) GPA of 3.5 or higher

- Either be attending a four-year accredited institution, 2-year college, vocational school, technical school, or be a high school senior planning to attend one the above

The winners of the Future Leaders in Technology scholarship will be selected twice per year (Spring and Fall semesters), with one award of $2,500 to a college or university student and two awards of $1,000 to high school seniors. 

 To learn more about the Future Leaders in Technology scholarship, please visit