$10K HBCU Scholarships From the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Scholarship Program

Frederick Douglass was a civil rights activist that is still recognized today for his accomplishments. For this reason, a scholarship program in his name has been established by the United Negro College Fund to help support HBCU students. The program is one of the first of it's kind.
The program's founder, Tony Signore, has profound knowledge, respect and deep admiration for Douglass, instilled in him for more than 35 years by the Jesuits at Fordham University. To esteem one of the most important figures in our country’s Black history, the Signore Family originated and financed the program to recognize this historic leader, offering scholarship support to outstanding young women and men attending HBCUs.

The program will honor one $10,000 scholarship to an exceptional HBCU senior each year who has demonstrated high academic achievement, strong leadership skills, commitment to community service, and unmet financial obligations.

An illustrious committee selected by Tony Signore includes direct descendants of Frederick Douglass, senior academic leaders, and scholars, and members of the national media will join in reviewing the top ten finalist applications and submit their selection of the top three finalists. The United Negro College Fund will then select one award recipient.

This deadline for this scholarship is usually in NOVEMBER, and the award amount is usually in $10,000.

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