National Association of Colored Women Council (NACWC) Scholarship Program

NACWC Scholarship Fund

The National Association of Color Women’s Clubs (NACWC), its region and state associations, its standard federated clubs and its individuals members are responsible for 120 years of scholarship money support to hundreds of thousands African American high school graduates and college attendees throughout the United States.
NACWC’s oldest education funding program is Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund. This fund began provide scholarship money to young people in 1904. The fund is sustained through the assessment of the NACWC membership.

In addition to the Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund there is the also the Patricia Fletcher Scholarship Fund and numerous other college funding sources offered through the National Association’s network of clubs. Private contributions from individuals, corporations and other funding sources are accepted.

For information about scholarships offered at that national, region, state, local levels of the organization, contact staff at NACWC Headquarters.

The deadline for this scholarship program VARIES, and the award amount VARIES.

For more details and/or to apply, visit: