Jill Scott's Blues Babe Foundation Giving Away $10K Scholarships

Jill Scott with scholarship recipients of her Blues Babe Foundation program

Jill Scott is a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and poet. Her non-profit organization called the Blues Babe Foundation provides scholarships and also mentorships to students all over the country. The program seeks students who do well academically, but lack the financial resources to start and/or finish college.
The Blues Babe Foundation is run by Jill Scott and her team of passionate professionals invested in the success of young people,  providing more than 50 scholarships ranging from $250 for book stipends to $10,000 for writing scholarships in partnership with Hallmark’s Mahogany brand.

Since it’s beginning, the foundation has benefited from strong community and corporate partnerships. The programs are rooted in nurturing academic and artistic success in youth coming from underserved communities.

Not one to distance herself from her own humble beginnings in Philadelphia, Scott was inspired by events in her life to ensure that other deserving young people would not find their education stalled due to an absence of financial support.

The deadline for this scholarship is usually in OCTOBER, and the amount is typically up to $10,000.

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