Jesse Jackson's PUSH Excel Scholarship Program

Jesse Jackson, founder of PUSH Excel Scholarship Program

Jesse Jackson has been a civil rights activist for more than 50 years. He established his PUSH Excel Scholarship Program to help students who are qualified to attend college, but lack the financial resources they need to pay for tuition and books. The program encourages servant leadership potential in scholars, and pushes students to develop a passion for social justice and social change.
PUSH Excel has awarded over three million dollars to commendable students enrolled in colleges and universities across the country for over the past several years. PUSH Excel Scholars attend a variety of institutions and we take pride in the fact that ninety percent (90%) of PUSH Excel Scholars have graduated college.

PUSH Excel makes a number of grants each year through three named scholarships: Jesse Jackson Fellows, Cirilo McSween and Ora Lee Sanders. Scholarship recipients will be selected from a pool of applicants applying for a particular scholarship and who meet the minimum criteria provided in the guidelines. There are no geographical restrictions - applicants are selected from all across the nation.

Applicants should apply for a scholarship that best suits their particular circumstances. Applicants may only apply for one scholarship in a particular year and, if awarded a renewable scholarship, applicants must not apply for a different scholarship in subsequent years. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of educators and corporate executives.

Scholarship recipients are required to participate in a scholarship event at the Rainbow PUSH annual conference and agree to cooperate with the scholarship committee to promote the PUSH Excel Scholarship Program by participating in various events and public relations activities. Additionally,  PUSH Excel invites scholarship recipients to agree to regarding their involvement in the organization that will be explained when a scholarship offer is made.

The deadline for this scholarship program is usually in APRIL, and the award amount is up to $25,000.

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