Lebron James Family Foundation (LJFF) Scholarship Program

Lebron James with students from his foundation

Lebron James, one of the most successful NBA champions of all time, is using his family foundation to give back to the community. His foundation hosts community events, runs a school, and even offers financial assistant to students who can not afford to go to college.
The staff is a special group of volunteers including his mom, his wife Savannah, his business partner Maverick, and many other local experts.

Lebron comments, "Just as I work to improve my game, I also work to improve my Foundation and its effectiveness, year after year. We started with a Bikeathon, and while it was a great and fun event for the community, it wasn’t enough. After some reflection on what I truly wanted to achieve, I realized I had to dig deeper if I really wanted to make a difference. So in 2011, the Bikeathon evolved into the I PROMISE Program. We still give kids bikes, but it’s only part of our bigger mission. I don’t want any of my kids to become a statistic and drop out of school like I so easily could have."

What started out as a group of a couple hundred third graders is now approaching 1,200 Akron Public School students and increasing by the year. We have expanded with the I PROMISE Secondary for middle school kids to make sure they are meeting their needs as well. Kids that excel in the program get a full, four-year scholarship to The University of Akron upon graduation from high school.

The deadline to apply for this program VARIES, and the award amount UP TO $30,000.

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